Movement, Meditation and Trance Dance Intro Class 6 Part

Movement, Meditation and Trance Dance Intro Class 6 Part

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Are you drawn to dance? Do you feel that you are in need of moving your body more? Are
you needing to release your energy?
What is trance dance? What are the practices used for? Is this a practice that can be used
for healing?
If this sounds like you, and if these ate the questions that you have and are interested to
learn more, then consider joining my new class on Movement Meditation and Trance
In this 6 week course we will discuss the different practices of trance dance around the
world, what trance dance is, how it’s used, healing with trance dance, how to build your
own practice using trance dance and movement meditation in healing, magic, and much
During this practice we will dedicate our practice to a specific intention as well as 3 guides
we feel called to work with. These guides are, a spirit guide or one of the divine, an animal
spirit, and a plant spirit. We will use the practices of our mind, body, and soul to learn to be
at one with these guides, build a relationship, and a regular practice.
Class 1: what is trance?
Class 2: the basics of movement are in trance dance?
Class 3: connecting to the spirit of the divine.
Class 4: what is your trance dance animal spirit?
Class 5: the work of a Plant Charmer, what is your plant spirit ally?
Class 6: Putting your trance dance into practice
Each class will be roughly 1 hour long. Every one must wear comfy clothes, nothing super
baggy. Come ready to move and sweat.
If you gave a yoga mat you are encouraged to bring one. Bring plenty of water!

Cost for class series is $150


May 11, 18 and 25 (4:30pm)

June 1, 8 and 15 (4:30pm)

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