Summer Solstice Ceremony Celebration 6/21/24 @ 6:30p

Summer Solstice Ceremony Celebration 6/21/24 @ 6:30p

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Overview: The Summer Solstice Ceremony Celebration is a deeply enriching and spiritually uplifting event designed to honor the longest day of the year and the highest peak of the powerful energies of the Sun. For centuries, people all over the world have recognized the solstice as a time of renewal, abundance, and connection with nature. From Stonehenge to Chichen Itza, ancient societies built impressive structures aligned with the solstice and held elaborate ceremonies to honor the sun and its life-giving energy. This celebration offers participants an opportunity to honor this day celebrated by our Ancestors together in community.

What to Expect:

  1. Welcoming Circle

  2. Guided Meditation and Energy Clearing

  3. Connect with Nature and get Grounded

  4. Solstice Ceremony:

    • The main event is the solstice ceremony, which includes rituals and activities to honor the Sun and its life-giving energy.
    • Participate in creating a communal altar with offerings like flowers, crystals, and written intentions.
    • The ceremony will include drumming, embodiment movement practice
  5.  Sharing Circle
  6.  Resources:
  • Participants will receive item and resources to connect with this Energy throughout the rest of the year

leave with a sense of closure, empowerment, and a deeper connection to herself and the natural cycles.


  • Personal Growth: Deepen your understanding of yourself and your spiritual journey.
  • Community: Connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive network.
  • Healing: Experience emotional and energetic healing through Ceremony
  • Empowerment: Feel empowered to set and manifest new intentions for the coming season.
  • Nature  & Community Connection: Strengthen your bond with nature and the cycles of the earth and like-minded community and connection.

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities/feel free to dress up in ceremony wear 
  • A reusable water bottle.
  • A journal and pen for note-taking and intention setting.


  • Early bird registration is available until June 19, 2024- increased price to (minimum) $45 June 21st
  • Limited spots are available to ensure an intimate and impacting experience.

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