Temple of Roses-Introduction to Wicca-Class 2, 3/10/24 @2pm

Temple of Roses-Introduction to Wicca-Class 2, 3/10/24 @2pm

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Embark on a trans-formative journey with our series of classes and ritual- an immersive experience tailored to beginners seeking to explore the magical world of Wicca provided by Temple of Roses. Join us as each session will include a 45 minute introductory class, delving into the core aspects of Wicca, with topics ranging from ethics and history to beliefs, traditions, and the art of crafting altars. Following the class, immerse yourself in a 45-minute ritual, where you'll practically explore casting circles, connecting with elements, invoking deity, divination, guided mediation and navigating the Wheel of the Year. Discover the enchantment of journey-work, magick and rites of passage as we invite you to step into the sacred realm of Wiccan wisdom.

Sunday, March 10, 2024 @2pm

Class 2: History 



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