The Magic of Herbs 6/29 @5pm

The Magic of Herbs 6/29 @5pm

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Join Vivian for the Magic of Herbs Introductory Class at Majix Dragon

The magic of herbs is a class for beginners and advanced practitioners who work with herbs and plants, and want to add to their magical practices as they grow working with the plant realm. If you want to learn how to connect and communicate with plants and their spirits so you are able to better understand how these plants are best able to assist you, or
maybe your new to working with plants and you want to learn how to listen to what they are telling you. Whether your just feeling plants out working with plants for the first time or you are a seasoned plant practitioner, you will get something out of this class.

In this class you will learn :
- Spirit communication with the plants, we will go over how to connect with the plant spirits and the plant numen and what the difference is.
- Daily practices with the plants and their spirits.
- How to pick a plant for a specific issue.
- We will discuss a few plants and what they are know to be helpful with.
- How to make oils, bundles, and flower essences.
- Plus more.

  Running time for class is about and hour.
  Cost for class is $25

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