Krampusnacht 2022

Krampusnacht 2022

When: December 5th

From Where: Pre-Christian/Pagan Mythology. Krampus is thought to come from either Bavariankrampn, meaning "dead", "rotten", or from the term German: kramp/krampen, meaning "claw"AKA: The Horned God

Krampus is said to be mischievous, a child-terrorizing ghoul. Krampus was thought to have been part of pagan rituals for the winter solstice. Krampus beats children who are naughty with branches and sticks. On the preceding evening of 5 December, Krampus Night or Krampusnacht, the wicked hairy devil appears on the streets. Sometimes accompanying St. Nicholas and sometimes on his own,

Krampus visits homes and businesses. The Saint usually appears in the Eastern Right Vestments of a bishop. Nicholas dispenses gifts, while Krampus supplies coal. 


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