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  • We are looking for you to join our community!!

    To all Mediums, Tarot and Oracle Readers, Charm Readers etc. we are looking for for you to join our community. If you are interested in offering readings at our shop please email us at or feel free to call the shop at 410-248-4163

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  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

    Majix Dragon is offering Free Evaluations on Sundays by appointment only.

    Call us at 410-248-4163 or email us at to schedule your appoinment.

    8846 Belair Road, Nottingham, MD 21236 
  • Virtual Spirit Sessions with Vivian

    Due to unforseen circumstances Vivian Dickinson will not be in the shop for the next couple of weeks. However, she will be offering virtual readings. This also includes the Catholic Folk Magic Class on 7/20. Please book Vivian's services online at and then we will contact you with a date, time and zoom info.

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  • Tarot Card Holders

    We offer multiple designs to fit your style

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  • Purifying Sprays and Rollers

    Shop our hand made purifying sprays and rollers

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  • Butters, Balms and Lotions

    Try our handmade Butters, Balms and Lotions at Majix Dragon

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    Incense and Sage

    Stop in to Majix Dragon for a wide variety of Incense, Sage and Dragon's Blood Sage

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  • Tinctures, Herbs and Supplements

    Check out our up and running Apothecary. Book a free consultation with Danny for Holistic Coaching. He will help walk you through which tinctures and supplements may help you on your journey.

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  • Handmade Spell Jars

    We have a variety of handmade spell jars available. Please feel free to request a specific spell bottle and size.

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  • Necklaces

    Beautiful handmade necklaces fused with positive energy to match all of your favorite outfits.

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  • Bracelets at Majix Dragon

    Handmade Bracelets made by yours truely. Please feel free to request specific natural stones and charms.

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  • Keychains

    Decorative handmade keychains for your purse, wallet, phone case, keys etc

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  • Altar Decorations

    Decorate your space to fit your style

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  • Crystals

    A varitey of different shapes and sizes in this collection

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  • Candles

    Handmade soy candles come in a variety of colors and fragrances.

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  • Crystal Pouches

    Customized to make it easy to carry your crystals with you. Keeping your crystals close to you helps your energy align with their vibrations. These beautiful pouches fit in your purse, overnight bag, car, under your pillow and more.

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  • Majix Handmade Poppits

    These are my favorite little creations. Handmade with lots of love and positive vibes!

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  • Homemade Wreaths and Wood Carvings/Burning

    Homemade wreaths with a creepy little theme, perfect for all occassions.

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  • Soy Wax Melts

    We are building a new collection of wax melts made with soy wax and organic oils.

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  • Holistic Services

    Multiple Holistic Services available

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  • Handmade Goats Milk Soaps

    Our Goats Milk Soap are available in multiple colors and fragrances with organic oils.

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  • Classes at Majix Dragon

    Upcoming Classes at Majix Dragon! Book your spot!

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Shadow Work Hand Poured Amber Jar Candle -  Majix Dragon

Featured Product: Shadow Work and Manifest That Shit 7 oz Candles Available at Majix Dragon

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