Danny Dickerson

ACE certified Personal Trainer | Certified Nutrition Consultant | Dip. Nutrition and Health Education | Dip. Sports Nutrition Consultant | Certified Child Consultant (Nutrition) | Kundalini Reiki Master


Meet Danny

Danny developed a love for good, healthy food at a young age while helping cook for his family. When he was 11 years old, he began working in a local pizza shop. He has worked in and managed several restaurant kitchens, including becoming executive chef for two restaurants. He has an extensive background in food preparation, menu creation, and kitchen management. Danny attended culinary school at Baltimore International College, where he focused on the nutritional aspects of food creation.

Although Danny loved working in the restaurant industry, he really wanted to channel his efforts on teaching others how to make healthy and delicious food a part of their overall health. He added to his training at Baltimore County Community College, where he took courses in exercise science and nutrition, and received his personal training certificate along with an ACE certification. It was at this time he started Rosedale Nutrition and began working with clients to create healthy lifestyle plans that include exercise, nutrition, and support.

Danny has received several certifications in nutrition and is working with the American Herbalist Guild to become a Registered Master Herbalist. Danny loves empowering clients to lead a better life with an emphasis on holistic wellness

Our Services

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling can easily be done from a distance via phone or video chat.

It happens to everyone at some point in life, sometimes more than once. It’s that feeling of losing your sense of spiritual grounding. Maybe you don’t feel connected to the Divine as you once used to be, or maybe you feel something stirring deep within and you don’t quite know how to bring it out.

Let us help you sort through the muck and find the tools you need to develop, or redevelop, your spiritual practice. Danny will meet with you to get a sense of where you are at the current moment. The discussion is uniquely tailored to each person and will include advice, demonstration of tools (if needed) and laying a foundation from which to begin.



Intuitive Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling can easily be done from a distance via phone or video chat.

Have your Health….and eat your cake, too!  It’s all about moderation, and above all else, enjoying the food in your life.  Intuitive Nutritional Counseling takes the guesswork out of eating and helps to guide you to make smart food decisions and eat mindfully every day.

Intuitive Nutritional Counseling involves assisting each client with personal meal planning, cooking techniques, grocery shopping, and evaluating dietary needs in order to meet your nutritional goals. The goal of Intuitive Nutritional Counseling is to establish healthy eating habits without feeling out of control or restricted from foods that you love to eat.

Included in the price:

Initial Health Evaluation

Meet in person or on the phone once per week (4 times), then every two weeks

$350- 8 week package

Integrative Personal Training

Integrative Personal training services include educating and coaching the client on weight management and healthy lifestyle strategies. Danny works with clients to create a personalized wellness plan that includes physical activities, aerobic activities, weight training, circuit training, cardio training, high intensity interval training, and yoga. Care is taken to ensure the client uses proper form and technique for each exercise to maximize results and reduce injury. These exercise programs are primarily accomplished in the studio gym with options for in-home training as well.


Initial Health Evaluation is Free

Personal Training:  $60/hour

$660 for 12 sessions

$1200 for 24 sessions* ($240 savings!)

$1620 for 36 sessions* ($540 savings!)

* at least twice a week

Shamanic House Cleansing

$100 rate based on locations within a 30-mile radius of 21234. Additional charges apply for locations further away and tolls.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching can easily be done from a distance via phone or video chat.

An individual, private session with a certified Life Coach.  Discover tools to help guide you through areas such as career/job, love and relationships, stress management, health and well-being and so much more.

$ 60.00 x 1 hour session.  Package discounts available for multiple sessions.

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