Intuitive Nutritional Counseling-Holistic

Intuitive Nutritional Counseling-Holistic

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Nutritional Counseling can easily be done from a distance via phone or video chat.

Have your Health….and eat your cake, too!  It’s all about moderation, and above all else, enjoying the food in your life.  Intuitive Nutritional Counseling takes the guesswork out of eating and helps to guide you to make smart food decisions and eat mindfully every day.

Intuitive Nutritional Counseling involves assisting each client with personal meal planning, cooking techniques, grocery shopping, and evaluating dietary needs in order to meet your nutritional goals. The goal of Intuitive Nutritional Counseling is to establish healthy eating habits without feeling out of control or restricted from foods that you love to eat.

Included in the price:

Initial Health Evaluation

Meet in person or on the phone once per week (4 times), then every two weeks

$350- 8 week package

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