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Welcome to the enchanting realm of the Temple of Roses, a multi-traditional Wiccan church dedicated to cultivating spiritual growth. Our sacred mission revolves around ordaining Wiccan clergy and fostering the blossoming journey of beginners. At the heart of our teachings, we embrace diverse traditions, creating a vibrant tapestry of wisdom and experience. Join us in the pursuit of knowledge, empowerment, and harmony as we invite seekers to embrace the magical path with the embrace of the Temple's sacred petals. 

Meet Scorpia, a seasoned and devoted Wiccan priestess with 18 years of enchanting expertise. Initiated into and eclectic Wiccan tradition in 2007, Scorpia's journey intertwines ancient wisdom and modern spirituality. Her profound experience extends to crafting rituals and organizing community events, notable with the Unitarian Universalist Church. Join Scorpia on a mystical voyage as she imparts a wealth of knowledge, nurturing the sacred flame within each seeker's heart. Embrace the magick and wisdom shared by this adept guide on your spiritual path. 

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