Collection: Stephanie Guerrero-Divine Cosmic Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Sound Healing, Oracle Readings

Stephanie is a Shamanic Priestess, Holistic Healer and Energy Intuitive. She holds sacred ceremonial space and connects and works with energy of all things to bring souls back to harmony, reconnecting you to your soul's essence by bringing your energetic body back to harmony with your natural vibration. Stephanie accomplishes this by using Shamanic Intuitive Energy Healing Journey Sessions.

Having gone to school for Chemistry, minored in biochem, she wanted to know why people would get sick. Taking charge of her own health, she saw how nutrition and exercise could be used to help her change her body, help to heal, her journey, how she saw herself, and her genetics. 

After graduating with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health; she had personal experience that couldn't be ignored, that God wanted her to deepen the connection to him and her own intuition, and get closer to him.

This led Stephanie to Energy Work, expanding her intuition, connecting to Spirit and Energetic Realms, and opening her eyes to medicine and assistance available to us beyond what we could see and experience in the physical. 

Working within the Realms of Sacred:

Plant Magick, Planets and Stars, Sound Healing and Vibrational Energy, and Sensual Embodiment Practices. 

Using the tools available to us, I work with women ready to invest in themselves and put themselves first; feel empowered to step out and create the lives they yearn for without shame, guilt or need to justify their vision or sacrifice.