Stephanie Guerrero- Shadow Work Sessions and Journeys

Stephanie Guerrero- Shadow Work Sessions and Journeys

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Incorporating natural modalities such as:

Reiki, Sound Healing, Subconscious Reprogramming, Crystal and Gem Therapy, Bach and other Flower Essences

These divine healing tools and practices, practiced for lifetimes, are more powerful than most people realize. They operate on a mental, psychological and energetic level by helping to assist in bringing your energetic body back to harmony with your natural vibration and helping you to reconnect to your soul's essence where the healing of emotional pain and scars, and limited beliefs become much easier to access. As a result, release of fear, grief, loneliness, depression, old stagnant emotions and beliefs are achieved and clarity and solutions received. Coaching is also provided. 

*Tools and Allies used vary per session*

Duration 90 minutes


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